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Professor Dong Qiang elected as Correspondent of the Institut de France

2016-11-29 23:54:39 北京大学前沿交叉学科研究院 Read

Peking University, November 14, 2016: Professor Dong Qiang, chair of the Department of French at the School of Foreign Languages at Peking University, has officially been handed his post in Académie des Sciences Morales et Politiques (ASMP) as the first Chinese academician in its more than 200 years history. ASMP is one of the prestigious five academies of the Institut de France. They are all highly ranked as the most famous institutes with the longest histories. Correspondents of ASMP are normally awarded to foreign scholars who have made great achievements in the related areas and willgenerally serve for life. Professor Dong Qiang, as the chair of the Department of French at Peking University, is a scholar, a translator, as well as an expert in Sino-France comparative culture and literary history. He also works as emissary in cultural exchanges between France and China. He was awarded great prizes in recognition of his great contribution and achievements, which makes him highly qualified to be elected as a Correspondent in the Institut de France. Following two more Chinese famous pioneers, Wu Guanzhong, who once served as Correspondent in the Académie des beaux-arts, and Rao Zongyi, who is serving as Foreign Associate in the Académie des inscriptions et belles-lettres, Dong Qiang will be the next Chinese scholar in the Institut de France. Written by: Su LanEdited by: Xu LiangdiSource: PKU News (In Chinese)