General Information

Found on April 4th, 2006, the Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies (AAIS) at Peking University (PKU) is a pioneering institute with the goal of expanding our knowledge of the fundamental science through the cooperation of multiple fields. In the past few years, AAIS has been devoting in the construction of new disciplines, development of frontier researches, and education of talented young minds with an integrated perspective.

In AAIS, we believe that the advances of modern science and technology urges for interdisciplinary interactions. As the major platform for interdisciplinary researches and education in PKU, AAIS is supported by the extraordinary academic resources from multiple departments and colleges of the university.

Currently, AAIS has more than 10 research institutions, including Center for BioMed-X Research, Center for Life Sciences, Center for Quantitative Biology, Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology, Center for Functional Imaging, Center for Environment and Health, Center for History and Philosophy of Science, Beijing Institute of Big Data Research, Center for Brain and Brian-like Study, and Sleep Research Center. The research interests cover areas of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, medical science and engineering.

AAIS is joined by a group of brilliant researchers and graduate students, many of whom are the members of “The Hundred Talents Plan”, and winners of “The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars”. Through their diligent work, many award-winning scientific breakthroughs and technological innovations have been achieved, and their publications in top scientific journals have continuously drawn international attention. Groups in AAIS has successfully hosted hundreds national, provincial and ministerial level research programs, including those funded by the “863 Project”, “973 Project”, “National Natural Science Foundation”, and the “Major National Scientific Research Plan”.

The graduate program in AAIS aims to educate students who are capable of solving problems with comprehensive and interdisciplinary thinking, and will best serve the nation and make a difference to the world. A variety of activities outside of the campus have also helped our students take a lead and contribute to our society. 

As China enters its 13th Five-Year Plan, AAIS will keep on playing an essential role in the development of forefront science, and help PKU with its aim of becoming a world-class university.